My name is Kathleen.  I am a native east coast girl, born in upstate New York and living in Virginia and Vermont over the course of the first half of my life.  Vermont however is where I would call home in the sense of growing-up, my childhood, memories, my family, college and eventually moving-on.  While growing-up as I young girl I yearned to leave Vermont, to leave what seemed to be a quiet sheltered life and to spread my wings in a city on my own terms.  Ultimately I spent much of the second half of my life living in southern California, venturing out west to begin a new career, start a new life, to smell the salt air and feel unlimited amounts of sunshine on my skin.  

My husband, Eric, is a full-bred Frenchman born and raised in France, living in Paris and Provence over the course of his life there.  French by heart, upon his arrival to the US he fell in love with CA, all of its sunshine, beaches, of course surfing and he lived there for the last 20 years.  Eric and I met in Laguna Beach, making it forever special to our hearts and the location of our home, where we lived with our two dogs, Loulou and Kismet.  

As I have aged, priorities in my life have changed, yearning for a simpler lifestyle from that of busy California.  That young Vermont girl who so desperately wanted to leave what was a quiet way of living is back, now envisioning life in the countryside with our dogs, some farm animals, slowing down and yes, actually having open space around me.  Over the years I often tried to convince Eric to put California and surfing on hold, which is like asking a chicken to fly, and to return to his roots in France.  So when the opportunity to move to Provence arose we jumped at the chance, Eric maybe a little hesitantly, loaded up a few items, our dogs and headed for a different way of life.

So here I am, L’Americaine in Provence.  This blog is the story of my year in Provence, life in the country in a new land and of my experiences with the people, culture, surroundings and of course, food.  Lots and lots of food.  Being neither a writer nor a photographer by trade, this will be a developing body of work, sharing glimpses of the ordinary moments that bring joy to our daily life.  Inspired by next chapters, new beginnings, slow-living, finding your passion and living to your true self.  I am happy to share stories of Provençal life viewed through my American lens.