Bienvenue en France

We arrived!  A long flight and long drive from Paris, but we are in France after a full day of travel from sunny California.  Our hearts rest lighter as Loulou and Kismet made their first plane ride, the biggest concern of our journey, unscathed and seemingly thrilled to feel stable ground again underneath their paws.  

After a week of brutal jet lag, dogs included, we are slowly acclimating to the new time zone.  Our shipment arrived, the boxes are unpacked and we are almost organized.  This is our third move since August so needless to say we are so happy to be grounded again and to begin planting new roots. 

We are settling into our new abode and slowly getting acquainted with the neighboring villages.  Set in the middle of vineyards, olive tree groves and farms, our scenery is a dramatic change from that of our old neighborhood.  We are located in the heart of Provence, in the Luberon region, in southeast France.  Known for its beautiful natural scenery, we are surrounded by farms of green open vastness, horses and the ever-wandering herd of sheep.  We are tucked away in a field behind the local Super U, the local country grocery store, the only point of reference to our actual location as we basically have no official street address.  Winding roads, small cars, endless baguettes and enough cheese to last for years, we are now in our new home...