The City of Lights, probably one of the most iconic cities in the world.  What can I say about such a city that hasn't already been said?  Amazing monuments, rich history, culture, art, fashion and food, not to mention that world famous Parisian charm.  But to me it transcends all of this.  Paris is a feeling.  It is the longing for spending time with an old friend or the love given from your dog anxiously awaiting you after a long day’s work.  Paris sweeps you off of your feet.  I have been fortunate to have now traveled there often during my lifetime, each trip always a new experience, an opportunity to discover parts of the city unbeknown to me or to return to my favorite places.  Perhaps I have a visitor’s heart, not living there full-time to experience the downsides of this city or to understand what that fully means, but I can say that I still pinch myself each time that I arrive.

June was a big birthday month in our house with Eric reaching his 50th year milestone.  A month long celebration, we headed to Paris for a long weekend to celebrate the man I call my husband, still such a young boy at heart and so loved by many.  A weekend bristling with family and friends, old and new, traveling near and far, but mostly a weekend filled with love.  A moving birthday party, a big birthday cake, laughter and memories, Paris was the icing on the cake. 

We stayed in the Marais, Eric's old stomping grounds and a perfect neighborhood for us. Spread across the 3rd-4th arrondissements and located on the right bank, it is a maze of intertwined streets brimming with cafés, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries.  Walking around the Marais you have the feeling of being in a small neighborhood, always having the chance of running into someone you know... a familiar face and smile in a large, sometimes overwhelming city.  

When I now visit Paris I usually have no agenda other than to walk her streets, to wander a bit aimlessly not knowing what I will find, to get a little lost.  Taking my time, noticing the details, exploring unknown neighborhoods, perhaps visiting a museum or discovering a new boutique, soaking in all which the city has to offer.  Paris is so very soul inspiring.

We shopped, we ate, we celebrated, we explored.  Cherished time spent with family and friends in a city that never tires the eyes or the soul.  Oh Paris no matter how many times I visit I am still moved to see you, to spend time with you and to get to know you better.  Another stay to remember with new moments and memories woven into my heart….