Les Tournesols

What do you see when you look at a sunflower?  Bright beautiful suns glowing in the meadow, cheerful faces standing tall always seeking light, happiness, laughter or maybe the memory of summertime.  When I see sunflowers, I see people.  Smiling faces welcoming me with open arms, scolded children with heads hung low whenever they are missing their magnificent sun or a sea of skeletons drying in the field, decrepit bones slowly withering away at the end of life.

Most people usually have a favorite flower whether it be shared with a special memory or perhaps simply by their fragrance or sheer beauty.  Sunflowers will always be one of my favorites.  I never cease to love their simplicity or their power to brighten our world, but more so by the emotions they evoke whenever I see them.  I feel happiness, peace, gratefulness and even sadness.  Somehow in the brightness of this simple flower all negativity is lost and my heart is touched.

Provence is full of sunflowers.  Fields surrounding us, I have been lucky to witness their glory this summer.  Never having truly experienced an entire meadow of sunflowers, when driving by I would often stop to admire them, completely enveloped in that moment.  I wondered how many blindly drove past not seeing their beauty or even taking the time to look?  A field of sunflowers, a hummingbird buzzing in the garden or an eerie, thick fog slowly rolling off the shore... simple treasures of the world often lost amid the noise of daily life. 

The sunflower fields of Provence will now be etched in my memory of this moment of my life.  Sunny yellow blooms fading into the rolling hills of the Luberon.  Walking in fields of gold my heart fluttered as I had the feeling of being welcomed by thousands of smiling faces…